The Circular Food System for Rwanda

The circular food system for Rwanda is a project funded by IKEA foundation and implemented by World Resource Institute (WRI), Platform for Accelerating Circular Economy (PACE), African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA), African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Cleaner Production and Climate Innovation Centre (CPCIC) and Resonance.

The Project will work to translate the global ambitions of a circular economy into a locally led outcomes at national level. It is made of two main work streams namely:

  • SME Development fund

  • Policy and stakeholder engagement

It will run for three years, from October 2021 to December, 2024.

The circular food system aims at the transformation of the food system in Rwanda from linear models that lead to food losses and food waste, into more circular and sustainable models that reduce negative environmental impacts and create more socio-economic opportunities, improving livelihood.

At the national level, CPCIC acts as a platform to engage with government ministries, universities, and research institutions in Rwanda, further enhancing the circular economy knowledge ecosystem and facilitating learning that feeds into policy processes

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