Training workshop on energy management through Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production “RECP”Program planned for industries and hotels.- (17 January 2014)

Friday morning, 17th January 2014, at Chez Lando Hotel-Kigali City, Rwanda; The Head of UNIDO Operations opened a training workshop on energy management through Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production “RECP”Program planned for industries and hotels. 

This training workshop of one day has been organized with objective to get sound knowledge and skills in Energy Efficiency, especially in lighting, heating, cooling, air compression and pumping system to improve the productivity. 

The training gathered 30 representatives from Rwandan industries, Hotels, and the Rwanda Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Centre to Up-scaled skills of the Rwandan experts and shared best practices from Indian industry related to the Energy Efficiency. The technical support was provided by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) while as UNIDO provided financial support for this event. 

The participants learnt about the minimization of energy resource consumption, through identifying the best way to conduct energy audit, selecting best option and appropriate technology, and calculation on investments and savings. This training intends to address low skills in energy efficiency through presenting opportunities in all major energy consuming equipment such as boilers, pumps, fans, air compressors, furnaces, electrical systems.

The Head of UNIDO, Mr. Andre HABIMANA highlighted on how the trainees will benefit from Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (e.g saving in unload power, less leakages, operates at lower average pressure, segregating high pressure and low pressure compressed air users, installation of economizer,…) and requested the industries to adopt this best concept and make a difference ahead using it in their daily business. 

The remarks given by both CII and UNIDO-Rwanda representatives. In their remarks they thanked again the participants and urged them to eagerly go and share what they have learnt with the top management as to quick get their commitment and be able to implement energy efficiency for better and fruitful results. 


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